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Aug 7, 2013 11:00pm PDT
and the americas visit the caribbean country as health tourists. in fact, until his death, former venezuelan president hugo chavez traveled to cuba for multiple cancer treatments and surgeries. for many years now, its healthcare system has included a strong element of traditional chinese medicine. but as our senior latin america correspondent in havana reports, this time-honored custom mode which is now standard actors in the country, was at the beginning a necessary alternative. >> 76-year-old orlando damaged his knees after a fall at home. his treatment consists of acupuncture along with another form of traditional chinese medicine. heat is applied to the acupuncture needles to help stimulate the blood flow to >> it's good, he told me. my condition has improved a lot. orlando is receiving his treatment at the main provincial hospital in matan says. -- in matanzans. it is especially popular for the treatment of physical injuries and pain. here the turned to traditional chinese medicine out of necessity during economic crisis following the collapse of the soviet union. but now, it is an inte
Aug 28, 2013 11:00pm PDT
after a multimillion dollar recall. >> welcome to the biz asia america. much more on what is happening in syria, but also latin america as well. we will travel to brazil to see what that country's central bank is doing to keep interest rates on hold. a special report on south africa's fight for economic equality. first, the latest from syria. >> u.s.says the u.s. is certai's government carried out chemical weapon attacks near damascus last week. obama said the u.s. had not yet decided whether to go ahead with military intervention. the permanent members of the un security council have held talks on a british resolution that could allow military action in syria, but that meeting has ended in deadlock. full report later on in the program. thousands gathered in washington to pay tribute to a historical day for civil rights in the u.s. 50 years ago, in 1960 three, the march on washington and martin luther king junior's iconic "i have a dream" speech changed history forever. i will be back in 30 minutes for more. now back to michelle in new york. >> thanks. despite the situation in syria, u
Aug 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
for victims. >> we are cctv america. >> welcome back. in mumbai, india sailors are feared dead. when blasts left a vessel engulfed in flames. a senior officer would not rule out sabotage. >>> at this point in time, we know that for some time, ms. would be coming from the indian navy. behind me is where the accident happened. at this point in time, no one [indiscernible] but the 18 sailors that were on board, there has been no contact with them and the government will be declaring -- [indiscernible] a report will coming out two weeks from now. for now, the government is not ruling out anything. we know one blast happened outside the submarine followed by multiple blasts that engulf the entire submarine and it sunk in the next two hours. wednesday morning saw a massive explosion that left clouds of fumes behind. the explosion left the indian simmering sinking. 18 sailors are feared dead and the navy is asking families of of the sailors to prepare for the worst. a board of inquiry will look at all possible explanations that could have led to the blast. >> the basic question is what caused the
Aug 26, 2013 7:00pm PDT
and that it be a grave error. assad gave an interview to a russian newspaper. the u.s. can expect to fail. america has taken part in numerous wars, but has never been able to achieve the political objectives. i will begin on my right. we have jordan. welcome to the show. former u.s. state department official, you were based and damascus in the early 1990s. well acquainted with the middle eastern region. right next to you on your right, thank you for being here. assistant professor and a specialist at the american university here in paris. you are a researcher with france foundation for strategic research. last, but not least, joining me by celebrate -- satellite from tel aviv. i am glad you are there to give us your view. i want to cut to the chase. inspectors finally got out to the field today. hanging around in the hotel for five days. they got back and collected some material. under these circumstances, can they do their job? what i think they can do part of their job. the first step of their mission is to identify the presence of a chemical agent. this is the most easiest part to achieve. they ca
Aug 21, 2013 11:00pm PDT
for details. x welcome back to "biz asia america." the dell having its longest slump of the year. it was not a good day for the markets. the nasdaq and s&p slid as well. the minutes of the latest meeting from the federal reserve committee basically said and told investors that if the market continues to improve, they will plan to end the stimulus program. investors got worried. retail stocks took a beating. also down after disappointing sables -- sales. consumers held back on spending but there was a bright spot. the home-improvement maker beat estimates. the central bank says it will inject $1.3 billion into its banking system by buying long- term government bonds. the move is being down the government's burrowing costs overall. the central bank has stepped in in recent days to slow the decline of the country's currency. it has raised the interest rate at which it lends money to other banks and they also put a cap on their daily borrowing limits. the most it not stop the fall of the rupee. it hit another record low against the u.s. dollar. they have raised fears that tightening
Aug 23, 2013 7:00pm PDT
restored america's moral standing in the world. he was elected to do that and said this is something we are going to do. if he does not do it, what is left of this president' tatian? it is difficult to imagine -- this president's reputation. it is difficult to imagine he won't do anything. >> what about obama himself? >> he is leaning toward noninvolvement. the trajectory of his life, the focus of foreign-policy aspirations, the reality of where the u.s. is right now. the attempt to give it the focus of u.s. foreign policy away from the middle east towards the pacific, towards asia, where he grew up in indonesia and hawaii. this has been his lifelong trajectory, and i think his instinct is to not get involved in another war in this part of the world. >> only one person needs to be convinced of chemical weapons. vladimir putin. obama has made himself irrelevant. russia's foreign minister speaking off, calling for dialogue, urging for authorities to cooperate with weapons inspectors. the office also putting out statements like this one. we believe it calls for some european countries to p
Aug 25, 2013 9:00am PDT
go to america first. >> the fastest way is to go to america. most of the flights go through europe or doha. you have to make adjustment in time. >> and transfers. >> many times it takes more than 30 hours. >> it is a long trip. >> it is a long trip. you cannot be further away on the same planet will stop -- the same planet. and you travel one more hour on the way back home. but for business, it is a lot of trips. we still do not have a visa-free system, but we have made a lot of regrets on that. in the past, we took 10 to five days to have a visa. right now, in one day, you have a visa. it is very time efficient. we have a lot of progress on that. right now, we are moving to a new office here. we are going to provide better service. it is three times the size of the office we had before. we are going to have more people to help. we want to make better service, and more efficient. brazilians, when they come to taiwan, still have to have a visa, and still need a visa when they come to europe. this is an area that we still can have better talks, better improvements. i think we can hav
Aug 11, 2013 9:00am PDT
of america and has good cooperation with president obama. i think this is something. but you know, between south and north korea, there are already fighting for 68. this is a long time ago. this is not a new game. this is an old game where they fight each other. so, she proposed that north korea would have a meeting that north korea already rejected. so, we have to see how to solve this problem. the third delay, just like taiwan, the vppp party. you know, in correa we had this kind of problem. this was more complicated, i think, you know? the opposition party wanted to talk with north korea, but in taiwan by said it was against talking with men in china. it is quite different, of course. >> we have read reports that president park has had personal relationships with many in taiwan, yourself included, of course. would you mind discussing some of your personal ties? >> this is a story that we have to trace back to her father's stage. no, 1966, i think it was february that the former president's and madame visited taiwan. at that time we say that they invited the guest to the ship, so at that
Aug 20, 2013 7:00pm PDT
joshua faust from america. the french chapter of amnesty international, he writes for french news and a contributor to the tech 24 show here. and the observatory of the black golf and mediterranean seas. you can join the conversation on facebook and on twitter where the #f2 for debate -- #f24debate. >> he spent nine hours being questioned, treated as a terror suspect. he was carrying material for his guardian journalist partner that first published information. it was under a provision of the terrorism act. >> they took my computer, game console, cell phone, everything. >> his lawyers have written to the british authorities. >> he doesn't want it back or copied. and if the british state in whatever form, we're not quite sure that they want to get that material but i think they have to do it through a more satisfactory procedure. the terrorism law watchdog is reviewing the case that he describes at rejigged is extremely unusual. >> it is a fairly narrow power, and it can have incidental benefits and bring useful intelligence into the hands of the police but it is only supposed to b
Aug 28, 2013 7:00pm PDT
to develop the new america economy. all the potentials are being seen and identified. so heavy that this reform is going to be able to liberate potentials. i can see we still have a lot of work on the government. >> we still have four years. >> let's finish on this note. what can the government now due to encourage small business. >> the government has started by creating a public investment bank. to be able to export much more. we have small businesses which are much smaller. it is much more difficult for them to be strong n the export field. they need to have liquidity's. they need to credit to be able to be stronger. >> less of a tax burden as well? >> it is a way of helping small enterprises. that is the difficulty for small businesses, to be able to borrow money. >> i wish we could continue this discussion. >> one damage we haven't mentioned is the european damage. if we really want to create margaret the needs to be on the european level. >> we will mention it next time. i want to thank you. thank you for joining us here in the debate. ♪ >
Aug 21, 2013 7:00pm PDT
adamvictims, thek we have a serious problem. >> that has to be brought up at the u.n. by america. it happened the same day as the u.n. chemical weapons inspectors arrived in damascus. what they are calling for is to give them permission to immediately access the site so we can get the fax. -- the facts. >> the russians are saying they are for letting those inspector. >> the russian line has been pretty consistent all along when it comes to chemical weapons. they are saying we have seen this before, we have seen allegations of chemical weapons being used by the regime and everyone using it to hit the regime over the head with. these are words used by officials today, premeditated provocation by the opposition and its foreign backers. a spokesman basically said -- this was reported by the official state news agency, he said that the warhead came from positions occupied by the rebel fighters. he said it is the same type -- i am repeating the words that were said during the russian ministry press conference. he said the same type of pattern and rocket was used in the march 19 alleged use of chemi
Aug 27, 2013 7:00pm PDT
with britain and america decide to interfere, almost certainly without a u.n. resolution. and he made a few legal points as well. >> he made of illusion's to the legal technicalities, the international law surrounding this. he did not direct it to the searing case. we have to say that. after opening his beach, talking about syria and french values. he says it was committed to international law but he said international law must evolve with the times. it must not be allowed to mask massacres, he said. he said he was committed to the responsibility of protecting civilians, and international legal norm which has been used by the u.n., which calls on governments to intervene if they feel an individual state is not protecting it civilians or is submitting them to crimes agai hint of the legal stance france could take if the un security council remains blocked on syria. >> thank you for talking to us. david cameron has called parliament over the situation. here he is talking earlier about the uk's response. >> what we have seen in syria are scenes of death and suffering because of the use of chem
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)